The titles on this label are only available, directly or indirectly, through us. We are concentrating on quality rather than quantity. This means there will not be too many releases at once. But we can guarantee that the titles that come out will provide you with the finest that progressive rock has to offer, not only in the strict sense of the style which has been bearing this name for some time but also in broader sense of literary being progressive.

There are allready titles available from AEOLUS, ARAGON, BRASSÉ, CLIFFHANGER, DREAMCARNATION, (I AM) ONE, LIKE WENDY, SIOBAN and VERTIGO. And do not forget the THE READING ROOM with contributions by many more wellknown bands. As always more titles are in preparation. Take a look at our NEWS section for a regular update. In the meantime you can enjoy the products already available and hear for yourself that we really mean business.

The Angels Tear Aragon - THE ANGELS TEAR
LBD 040017

They say good wine takes a long time to ripen. In this case the process was long and extensive. Aragon's last album Mr. ANGEL was released in 1998. In 1999 MOUSE was released in its complete version but although it was remastered and combined with THE MEETING this basically was a re-release. So we actually have been waiting for a new Aragon album for about 6 years.

Well, to answer the most obvious question of all: Was it worth to wait?

Yes, it was.

The Angel's Tear shows John Poloyannis, Less Dougan and Tom Bersing haven't lost their touch. The album contains jewels of different shapes and sizes. Just the stuff every Aragon fan has been craving for all this time. And the extra good news is that the band have left behind the more pop-song oriented approach of Mr. ANGEL and went back a bit more to their elaborate and inventive style of MOUSE. Now is that good news or not?

This is a brilliant album, full of inventive twists but still with Aragons trademark ascessability. In short: Aragon at its best. A must-have.

Also still available are the following Aragon titles: MR. ANGEL (LBD 040002) and MOUSE (including THE MEETING) (LBD 040005).

Dust On The Mirror Aeolus - DUST ON THE MIRROR
LBD 040015

Would we dare to call this prog with a dose of NU-metal? We must be joking, right? But the result is so convincing we are sure people will stop laughing as soon as they hear this album. It's so good it almost hurts.

The two major players behind the Aeolus name are Jurrie Teeuwen and Michiel Kramp. They have been making music together since their 12th and 13th year, which means for almost 20 years. And it can easily be heard they feel each other moods and intentions perfectly. Their music has it's own unique character but is also accessible enough to make it interesting for most listeners. Raymond van Kooten came in a bit later. He helped to fine-tune the concept and lyrics. His vocals, often one of the most important benchmark on which a musical product is judged, are simply stunning. Matthijs Hekking performs some excellent and inventive drumparts. He used to play in fusion bands together with Jurrie, although this influence is not clearly to be heard in Aeolus.

To sum up the musical influences we'll let both teamleaders have a say: Keyboardplayer Michiel quotes the following influences: Marillion, IQ, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Saga… Guitar- and bassplayer Jurrie names Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather and their colleague's. He says that he's to blame for the metal-influences.

Michiel would like to describe their music as follows: intelligent without any pretentiousness, accessible without staleness, melodic without cliché's. We can only agree.

More information about the band can be found on www.aeolusmusic.net

The Gates Of Industry (I Am) One - THE GATES OF INDUSTRY
LBD 040014S

"The Gates Of Industry" is the debut-CD of the exciting new band (I am) one. The CD contains a very pleasant mix of 80's Mainstream US-hardrock (think Bon Jovi) with more progressive elements. That might sound a little bit eerie to fans of intelligent music but this album contains a very good balance between accesibilty and intelligence. So no clichés or braindamage inducing headbanging here but a real crossover with the best of both worlds incorporated. In short: The album all those chartbusters of yore never dared to make.

The music on this CD isn't really brand-new in the literal sense of the word. There is a story behind this project, full of old-fashioned rock 'n roll-"romance". After the release of a demo in 1999 some quite fantastic reviews in important rock-magazines where published. There also where a lot of favourable reactions from Japan. A German record company (whose name we will not mention) asked for more information. One thing led to another and in the end a contract was signed with the record company somewhere in a very dark German forest (a sign of things to come?). A budget of DM 20.000 was being allocated, a studio was booked and work begun. Soon (I am) One would be joining some quite well known bands in the field. For the bandmembers a long dream was coming true. Yahoo!

History proves thing went differently. The record company got into trouble. Nothing happened. Well, nothing happened for quite some time. But things are about to change. LaBraD'or Records got hold of the original demo. In our usual modest way we decided history has to be rewritten. This gem has been lost for far too long.

LOVE Sioban - L.O.V.E.
LBD 040013

A new release on LaBraD'or Records. A new band. But what a band. 5 Excellent musicians that have one thing going for them particularly: There are no extreme ego's. Nobody wants to be heard al the time against all costs. These guys know by intuition when a songs needs their input and when it doesn't. The result: music that isn't constantly pushing on like some demented steam-engine but music that breaths. There are silences, there are thoughtful passages and when there should be rock, rock there is.

Another strong point is that this album does not sound overly polished. In an age when studioalbums seem to sound more and more artificial its nice to hear a band that really plays as a team. What you get is the real thing. These guys started as an excellent live band and you can hear it.

Comparisons are always dangerous. Especially when a band has its own personality. But when you twist our arm: Musically there are some clear links to early Marrilion (very clearly for instance on the track Free Thinker) but there are also links to early prog ( listen to the excellent mellotron chords in the title track L.O.V.E.). But the lyrics and vocals are less biting and cynical then those of Fish. In this respect there seems to be a more lyrical spirit running through the album. There is talk about personal loss and the meaning of live. Heavy stuff but serious in the right way. In this respect one could be reminded of the (early) Like Wendy.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Summer In Eden Like Wendy - SUMMER IN EDEN
LBD 040012

Bert Heinen is almost too fast for us. Is there anybody out there who can slow him down? Yet another excellent album from our dutch wonderman is unleashed upon the world.

Bert moves into the regions of alternative rock without forgetting his progressive roots. The result is a best of both worlds in the most positive sense. For the fans of the first hour: You have not and will not be forgotten. Never where so many good old progsounds (mellotron, etc.) to be heard on a Like Wendy CD.

But there also enough fresh and contemporary influences to make this CD interesting for a newer generation of fans. We think its time for a breakthrough to a broader audience. Is this the music that closes that gap between progressive rock and today's fashion at last? Let's see what the audience says.

One thing is sure though: Bert Heinen is not prepared to rest on his laurels. He keeps developing his own distinctive style, full of beautiful melodies and strong structures.

Also still available from LaBraD'or Records are the following Like Wendy albums: THE STORM INSIDE (LBD 040003), RAINCHILD (LBD 040006) and TALES FROM MOONLIT BAY (LBD 040011).

Tales From Moonlit Bay Like Wendy - TALES FROM MOONLIT BAY
LBD 040011

We at LaBraD'or love Like Wendy. And we are not the only ones. Like Wendy is appreciated by so many fans for one reason: This name stands for good music. And we at LaBraD'or love good music. So we can only agree with all who have already shown their appreciation.

And what a constant factor Bert Heinen has become. He can be trusted to release a new album each year. And so it is time for his third CD. One could say TALES FROM MOONLIT BAY is a chip of the old block. But we only mean that in a positive sense. You can count on Bert to produce a work that has the same old qualities: Excellent musicianship, a great sense for melodies and all the good old prog-elements without anything sounding stale.

Comparing TALES FROM MOONLIT BAY with the earlier Like Wendy albums: It is more diverse and lighter toned than the moodier RAINCHILD. In a sense it reminds one more of THE STORM INSIDE but as always Bert Heinen proves he is still developing himself further and further. So again you cannot afford to miss this CD.

Also still available from LaBraD'or Records are the following Like Wendy albums: THE STORM INSIDE (LBD 040003) and RAINCHILD (LBD 040006).

Dreamcarnation Dreamcarnation - DREAMCARNATION
LBD 040010

Some years ago the Dutch town of The Hague and its vicinity where the home of a lot of progbands. To name a few: Ywis, The Last Detail, Timelock, November and For Absent Friends. After this outburst, which led to a lot of international acclaim, and since the demise of SI it has been very quiet round these bands and their members.

Now LaBraD'or records is proud to present another unique product: DREAMCARNATION. The music on this CD has been inspired by the works of well known writer Clive Barker. Initiators of the project where Julian Driessen, Rob de Vries and Rob Rehorst.

Around them they assembled an impressive group of musicians which give their best to this high-quality product. There is not enough space here to name everyone who is featured on this album but contributions came, amongst others, from members of Ywis, The Last Detail, Timelock, November, For Absent Friends, Miss Treated, Big Deal, Ma'China.

This should be enough to get your wet your appetite. Expect some typical neoprog with a lot of diversity and loads of great songs. Very prominent are the vocals of Jolanda de Vries, which give the album a bit of a Earth and Fire flavour. Other highlights are some inventive keyboard and guitar work and the high quality of the production.

Vertigo Vertigo - VIPER THOUGHTS
LBD 040009

Number nine from the LaBraD'or stable is a little bit different from what you have come to expect from us. Vertigo is more mainstream, a bit more rock, a bit less traditional prog. But as far as we are concerned this product has all the qualities needed to receive our seal of approval.

The main men behind VERTIGO are Frans Hermans, a gifted singer and songwriter, and Maarten Huiskamp (already known to LaBraD'or fans from the Brassé CD's PAWN and INFERNO (LBD 040001) and his contribution to THE READING ROOM project (LBD 040007) under the JACOB'S LADDER banner).

VIPER THOUGHTS contains 10 very accessible tracks and although the first impression is mainly mainstream there are enough fine details and beautiful twists to satisfy the demanding listener. "Viper Thoughts" for instance, the instrumental opener of the album, is full of such twists. And besides high tempo tracks as "Too Much Trouble Living" and "Raining In My Heart" there are also more laid back jewels like "Time Won't Heal" a beautiful ballad with a guest appearance by Leny Caanen, and the dreamy "Wonderland".

For comparisons: think, Toto, Cairo etc. In other words, the better examples of intelligent rock.

Turbulcat Brassé - Turbulence
LBD 040008

No more sad excuses: TURBULENCE should have been the 8th release on LaBraD'or Records (hence its "old" catalognumber). It has been delayed a few times and therefore in reality it's our 11th release. But now it's ready to roll and it certainly has been worth waiting for.

Basically this is a Brassé project but the list of people participating almost reads like a who is who of LaBraD'or Records. The line-up is: Marc Brassé: vocals, keyboards, Electronic Wind Instrument. Bert Heinen (Like Wendy): bass, acoustic guitar, vocals on 2 tracks. Hans Boonk (Cliffhanger): drums. Maarten Huiskamp (Brassé, Vertigo, Jacob's Ladder): electric and acoustic guitars. Leny Caanen (Brassé, Vertigo): lead vocals. Frans Hermans (Vertigo): lead vocals on 2 tracks. John Poloyannis (Aragon): guitarsolo on one of the tracks.

As always on a Brassé-album the material is diverse and the ideas are Grand. The artwork is simply stunning (you'll just have to see the real thing to fully appreciate it). But even more important is that this album is the most "happening" Brassé-project yet in a purely musical sense. The bonuses of a human rhythm section, acoustic guitar parts and some fine old-fashioned keyboard playing add a layer of real, down-to-earth musicianship. TURBULENCE is the most soulful, driven, groovin Brassé-album as yet. Strange terms for a prog-album, we know, but just listen and you will know what we mean. A good example would be "Storm", an epic 20 minutes long track. You'll never take the weather for granted anymore.

The Reading Room The Reading Room - The Reading Room
LBD 040007

A musical adventure by: Aragon, Brassé, Cliffhanger, Final Conflict, Galahad, Galleon, Jacob's Ladder, Like Wendy, Maryson, The Night Watch.

As its first release of the new millennium LaBraD'or Records is proud to present a truly unique product. THE READING ROOM contains brand new songs from some of the best-known en most loved acts in the progressive rock scene. The material on this album has not been released before and will also not become available on the participants next CD's. No, we are talking about material especially composed for this project.

All songs have been forged together by a narrated story that runs throughout the album. So this is not a sampler or a normal concept-CD but a very special combination of both. And because all participants have been aware of the fact that they are in very good company the songs on this album are of a very high standard.

We think this CD is a must-have for any progfan, don't you?

Like Wendy Like Wendy - RAINCHILD
LBD 040006

LaBraD'or records is proud to present the 2nd CD by Like Wendy, called RAINCHILD. After the successful and internationally acclaimed THE STORM INSIDE this is the second album from multi-talent Bert Heinen. For those who liked THE STORM INSIDE it might be enough to know that RAINCHILD supplies the same qualities: Traditional symphonic rock with a very strong melodic touch and catching lyrics. This does however not mean that there are no differences with the earlier album. On RAINCHILD the influences from the prog-bands that inspired Bert Heinen are less obvious. The result is a warm mix of the well known Like Wendy elements with an even more personal approach than THE STORM INSIDE supplied. This is accentuated by the presence of more acoustic guitar arrangements on the album.

In short: RAINCHILD is more of the same excellent stuff with enough development to keep things interesting. What more can one wish for. THE STORM INSIDE (LBD 040003) is also still available.

mouse Aragon – MOUSE (including The Meeting)
LBD 040005

LaBraD’or Records proudly presents Aragon’s masterpiece MOUSE just as it was meant to be right from the start, complete with all acts in place, as a double-CD. Those who are familiar with Aragon’s work will realise that the material on this album has actually been available before, but in our opinion one cannot speak of an ordinary rerelease. The first time MOUSE was not complete because it had been preceded by an independent release of THE MEETING. This was rather puzzling because THE MEETING had been intended as act 5 of MOUSE from the very start. Also MOUSE has been very hard to get by because it has been available only for a short time. Is it any wonder people kept asking us if this material would be rereleased?

And a very understandable question this was because MOUSE is a real masterpiece. Apart from being a concept-album with a very intelligent story the music is still a beautiful example of how modern prog-rock should sound. Add to this the creative and adventurous way in which the album was recorded (full of sudden twists and mysterious sound effects) and it is easily explained why there is still so much interest in MOUSE.

This new version will also be of interest to those who already own the original releases. Besides containing all the songs of MOUSE and THE MEETING in the right sequence the album has been totally remastered, offering a superb audio quality when compared to the original releases. Furthermore the artwork is new and as a special bonus an audio-interview is added in which the band explain how this great album came to life.

cliffhanger Cliffhanger - HOPE & DESPAIR
LBD 040004

With its fourth album Cliffhanger goes back to its roots in a most impressive way. HOPE & DESPAIR contains 6 previously unreleased tracks combined with new versions of 3 tracks from their first offering Cold Steel. All music has been recorded live in the studio, straight to 2-track, with a small audience to build the atmosphere. No additional recording has been done. What they did is what you get. There are only a few bands who could pull this off with such enthusiasm and vigour. Combine this with the somewhat lighter tone of their music when compared to their last 2 albums and the result is the most accessible of all Cliffhanger CD's.

In this way HOPE & DESPAIR combines the bands best elements: great musicianship and strong melodies. And do not forget those typical Cliffhanger ingredients as vintage '70 keys (loads of Mellotron), soaring lead synths, effective guitar-arrangements (this time combined with some excellent accoustic playing), distinctive leadvocals, and complex basslines. We dare to say that HOPE & DESPAIR is Cliffhangers best CD yet. We are sure you will agree with us as soon as you've had a chance to listen to this CD.

All previous Cliffhanger CD's are still available through CDistributions: Cold Steel, Not To Be Or Not To Be and Mirror Site.

thestorminside Like Wendy - THE STORM INSIDE
LBD 040003

The third release on the LaBraD'or label is an album for the real diehard progfan. Lyrical guitarthemes, whirling synth-solo's, sparkling arpeggio's, broad chords, buzzing basslines and most of all very strong melodies, THE STORM INSIDE contains them all. The Main Man behind Like Wendy is Bert Heinen, a versatile and talented musician. So talented in fact that we have wondered why we, as a relative new label, had to "discover" him.

Usually we do not like to make too many comparisons but because THE STORM INSIDE is a typical example of the prog-rock style we make an exception. So if you wonder what this great album can be compared with: Think of elements of Marillion in its strongest period and Genesis, layered with a hint of Pink Floyd. Or think about Pendragon. But when it comes to the strong melodies and vocals Like Wendy can only be compared to Like Wendy.

aragon.jpg Aragon - MR. ANGEL
LBD 040002

The newest CD by Aragon is a concept-album with a very loose leading theme. The songs are not clearly connected but have their own individual character. For fans of the previous Aragon CD's it probably is enough to know that MR. ANGEL combines the best elements of these efforts with a more accessible approach, based on short but catchy songs.

Les Dougans vocals are even stronger and more expressive than ever. Other important elements are the brooding keyboard arrangements of Tom Bersing and the solid guitar-rifs and exciting solo's of John Poloyannis. All these ingredients have lead to a great product. The CD opens with Surface Tension, a very sparkling exercise indeed. Other highlights are: The Art Gallery, a track filled with Aragon's typical brand of atmospheric tension. The Crying Game and I Don't Want To Know are good examples of what a ballad should sound like.

If you cherish your record collection you should not withhold it this fine example of how neo-prog should sound.

inferno.jpg Brassé - INFERNO
LBD 040001

INFERNO by multi-talent Marc Brassé is a real concept-album, packed in tasteful artwork. The basic theme has been taken from the medieval, italian writer Dante Alighieri. In "Inferno", the first part of his book the "Divina Comedia" Dante describes hell as a deep pit in the ground which is divided into 9 levels. The more sinfull one has lived the deeper one is thrown into the pit after death. And at the bottom of the pit Lucifer is waiting. But this is more than just a description of hell. Dante also included his views on the political and spiritual life of those times.

Its quite striking how Brassé has been able to avoid the dark, gloomy and dusty associations this topic might convey and has been able to sustain the original strength of the theme. "Dante's INFERNO as performed by Brassé" (to use the complete title) shows us an updated version of this hell. A version that in a sense is even stronger in describing the existence of modern (living) man than the fate of dead sinners.

On INFERNO Marc again is backed up musically and compositionally by virtuoso guitar- and keyboardplayer Maarten Huiskamp. His contributions already can be heard on PAWN (SI, 1993). Besides keyboards Marc himself plays EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) and provides the biggest part of the vocals. LENNY CAANEN has supplied the female vocals.

The musical influences? Sometimes one is reminded of Pink Floyd, sometimes of David Bowie, the Pet Shop Boys or Geoff Mann. But most of all Brassé has its own distinct and unique sound. INFERNO is a masterpiece, varied in its contents but very constant in its quality.

Also still available through CDistributions are the Brassé-titles: Sand, Water & Heroes and Pawn