1 - Print our ordering form from the CDistributions site, fill it in and send it to us per mail or e-mail. Do not forget to fill in al the address details and to sign it. Do not send us any payments in advance! We might not have everything in stock or some titles might even not be available anymore.

2 - You will receive our pro-forma invoice as soon as possible. This will inform you about the titles which are available right away and which titles are put in backorder. The invoice will also inform you about the postal charges. These will be based on the standard postal priority rates.

Concerning payments:
A) The safest way is to send us a bank check.
B) We also accept money sent by (registered) mail (only paper money, no coins). If you use another currency than Dfl or Euro's you will have to add 3 percent to the amount on the invoice to compensate us for the extra banking costs. But be aware of the risks. We cannot be held accountable if money gets lost before it reaches us.
C) Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

3 - After we have received your payment the CD's will be sent to you right away.

4 - The processing of backorders can take some time. We will send you a new pro-forma as soon as we have your backorders in stock.

5 - If you think you are waiting too long for a backorder or if you have found a CD through another channel, in short: If you want to cancel your order. Just inform us. We always do our best but we can't perform miracles. So don't be afraid to order something else the next time. Cancelations will not be held against you.

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